About PS 9

PS 9 strives to fulfill its stated mission, “Every child at PS 9 will succeed!” by creating and maintaining a team environment in which staff, administration and parents work with each child to meet exceptionally high academic standards.


We are committed to the practices of both constructivism and the workshop model. These practices make it possible to enrich and differentiate instruction, thus providing individual students the opportunity to extend and deepen his/her understanding in each unit of study. Our parents support our work in this area by providing the funding which allows us to have an assistant teacher in every classroom. This significantly reduces the student/teacher ratio in our classrooms. Assistant teachers work closely with teachers in both remediation and enrichment activities.


Our staff works collaboratively to ensure that there are many opportunities for team-building across programs and grades throughout the year, including, fifth grade Spirit Day, Family Math Nights, Field Days and grade level trips to Gettysburg and Philadelphia. Our curriculum is further enriched with Spanish, chess, technology, gym, visual arts, museum studies, ORFF musical theory and instrumental music.

  • Student population: 620 (2017-18)
  • Strong commitment to professional development of teachers
  • Assistant teachers in all classrooms (funded entirely by PA)
  • Enrichment Program – Spanish Program, grades K-5
  • Cross-curricular arts integration program
  • Chess instruction for grades K-2
  • Library with Internet access
  • Learning Leaders Volunteers
  • Multiple computers in all classrooms with internet access
  • Values instruction and conflict resolution program
  • Enriching afterschool program
  • Free breakfast for all students
  • Designated kindergarten play yard
  • Involved and dedicated PA
  • Recent grants for PS 9’s music, technology, air conditioning, playground and Spanish programs

Support Staff

  • Literacy and Math coach
  • ESL teacher
  • Special Education Services: Speech, OT and PT therapists
  • School Assessment Team
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Reading Recovery teacher
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Full-Time Nurse

Special Affiliations

  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • New York City Ballet
  • Carnegie Hall
  • PS9 Parent Leaders Program

Cluster Classes

PS 9 students receive instruction with licensed teachers in one of the following areas each day: Visual Art, Computers, Music, Gym and Spanish.