Admissions 2017-18

Kindergarten Admissions for the 2017–2018 School Year

All children living in NYC who were born in 2012 will begin Kindergarten in September 2017. All children born in 2012 are guaranteed a kindergarten seat in school. Once the child starts kindergarten, they can remain at that school until its final grade.


All families should submit a kindergarten application, including current pre-k students, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners. Current pre-k students do not automatically stay at their school for kindergarten. Most students with IEPs who are recommended for programs in community schools will attend their zoned school.


All kindergarten applicants must follow the kindergarten admission process and should apply in order to secure a seat. Only one application can be processed per child and only the primary custodial parent/guardian can submit an application. Where there are joint custody agreements, if there is no specific provision addressing school decision-making, the parent who has primary physical custody of the child during the school week is considered to be the custodial parent.


This admission process is NOT FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED. All applications received online, by phone, or in person by the January 13, 2017 deadline are treated the same based on admissions priorities.


All students considered for placement at a school are based on a priority order called Standard Admissions Priorities for zoned schools. Students must continue to reside in the zone both at the time of pre-registration and at the start of the school year in order to retain their entitlement to attend.
Your School Zone/District is the school where your child is most likely to attend kindergarten.


PS 9’s zone/district is 3. To apply to your zoned school you must list it on your application. You can list other non zoned schools as well.


There are four steps to participate in kindergarten admissions:

  • Understanding your kindergarten options
  • Apply to kindergarten
  • Receive a kindergarten offer
  • Accept your offer and pre-register for kindergarten


Kindergarten Key Dates

**After receiving your offer placement letter from the DOE and to pre-register at PS9, please get in touch with PS9’s Parent Coordinator Rita Yoskowitz at We prefer pre-registering families by appointment.


Zoned Schools Admissions Priorities

Offers are made to zone schools following this order:
1. Students who live in zone with a verified sibling*
2. Students who live in zone without a verified sibling*

If space allows, students living outside the zone may be admitted in the following order:

3. Students who live in the district with a verified sibling
4. Students who live outside the district, with a verified sibling*
5. Students who live in the district, who are currently enrolled at the school for pre-k**
6. Students who live outside the district, who are currently enrolled at the school for pre-k ** 7. Students who live in the district, other than those in (3) and (5) above
8. Students who live outside the district, other than those in (4) and (6) above

PS9 General Education Program

P.S. 9 follows the Framework for Great Schools, a based approach to help all students and schools improve. It is based on six elements: rigorous instruction, collaborative teachers, a supportive environment, strong family community ties, effective leadership and trust. We are an elementary public school offering pre-k to fifth grade. We are also strongly committed to academic excellence and the fostering of a collaborative community of lifelong learners.
We are no longer part of the District 3 Gifted and Talented Program. No testing is required for entry.
Please Call 311 or visit to learn what school is your zoned school and what district you live in.

2017-2018 Admission Process for Zoned Students in grades 1-5

Pre-registration for grades 1 to 5 for zoned students only (and for new, or transferring students from another school) will start Thursday, March 14, 2017 and continue through June. The P.S. 9 office will receive applications every weekday following this schedule:
Monday – Friday 9am-11am; Tuesday and Thursday 9am-1pm.

Please visit this site for more information, or call Rita Yoskowitz, 212-678-2812 ext. 1101

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program

New York City children who were born in 2013 who turn four years old in 2017 are eligible to apply for Pre-k programs offered by the NYC Department of Education. All programs are free for children and they are offered at public schools, Community Based Organizations and Early Childhood Centers; there are separate application processes for each program type. The program requires no testing for entry. Application process will begin on January 17, 2017. The deadline for families to submit a pre-k – application is February 24.


Timeline, information and applications when ready for distribution can be downloaded directly from the Hard copies of the Pre-k Directory will also be available at any public school including PS 9 main office.
P.S. 9’s full day Pre-K program enrolls eighteen students. Children attend school for 6 hours and 20 minutes per day, five days a week. Parents do not apply directly to the school.


Special Education Program

PS 9 offers Special Education services for zoned students with IEP’s (Individualized Education Program). Kindergarten students, including students with disabilities who are recommended for programs in community schools, will likely attend the school that admits them through the Kindergarten Admission Process. Therefore, it is very important for families of students with disabilities to participate in this admission process. If a student is planning to attend PS, then parents must inform the school about services.


How to visit PS 9

Tours of the school will be as follows: December 9, January 11 and 13. In order to attend a tour, you must register on-line, here.
If you have questions, need special accommodations or can’t register on line, please email call or email Rita Yoskowitz, or 212-678-2812 ext. 1101