Assistant Teachers Program

The presence of assistant teachers smooths out the transition to Kindergarten and a new “big” school by:

  • reducing the student/adult ratio in the classroom, and
  • ensuring PS 9 students enjoy significant individual attention.


Assistant teachers:

  • help our young children settle into the classroom in the morning
  • guide them through the classroom and school routines
  • assist them with their snack and lunch
  • support and guide them during their classroom work
  • escort them to enrichment classes, library visits, and learning specialists sessions
  • lead breakout and small group sessions
  • review and evaluate student work
  • manage red folder communication with parents

Thanks to the funds raised by CMI, assistant teachers are provided in all classrooms for the full school day. In addition, the school maintains a floating Assistant Teacher to ensure there is coverage when a teacher is out, or when a classroom needs extra support for a project or event. Most of our assistant teachers are either currently attending or have recently completed a Master’s level teacher training program.