Enrichment Classes

PS 9 enrichment classes recognize the importance of incorporating the teaching of foreign languages, music, movement and chess into the school curriculum to enhance students’ education experience and their cognitive, social, and physical development. The below classes are offered as part of the curriculum, only because of funds raised by CMI:

Spanish (K-5)
The Spanish program introduces Spanish Language and Culture and exposes our kids to a foreign language at a very young age. Students are introduced to the Spanish language through interactive activities and instruction that include music, movement, and games.

Music (K-5)
The music program incorporates movement, language and math to keep the students engaged while integrating core academic concepts into their musical education. In Music classes, children learn about vibrations, marching bands, drums, percussion, pianos, keyboards, and pitch. Each year culminates in a grade wide musical performance showcasing the year’s experience.

Chess (K-2)
Chess is a weekly K-2 exposure program to the wonderful world of chess. The cognitive benefits of chess are well known, teaching logic, strategy, and patience.

K-Gym (K)
K-Gym introduces coordinated physical education activities and teaches children the importance of exercise and movement.