PS 9 Chess Program


The PS 9 Chess Program is an exposure program to the wonderful world of chess. Chess is incorporated in the curriculum and taught weekly to grades K-2, offering our children the chance to learn the basics of this great game.

The cognitive benefits of chess are well known: chess teaches logic, strategy, and patience. As chess players, our kids learn to analyze situations, evaluate options, plan strategically and solve problems. These are attributes that will help them be more successful in their daily lives.

PS9 Chess team: The Knights of 9

A number of kids at PS9 are regularly participating in city, state and national tournaments representing PS9. The PS9 chess team, the Knights of 9, wants to grow and welcome more members. If you are interested in joining the team, please email

Chess Tournaments

To support our students’ development in chess, PS9 hosts two chess tournaments during the school year: one in the fall and one in the spring.

In addition to our “home” tournaments, children can take part in other local events around the city. Some popular tournaments are listed below.

Calendar of chess tournaments in NYC

In addition to regular monthly tournaments, chess players can participate at annual City, State and National tournaments.

Arts and Athletics Afterschool Program

Students who would like to take their game to the next level, can sign up for afterschool chess classes offered by Arts and Athletics – afterschool enrichment in nyc.

The PS9 chess team will meet Mondays 3:10-5:15 and on Wednesdays 4:30-5:50.

Learning and practice resources

Further reading and useful links

PS9 Chess Committee

The PS9 Chess Committee takes the lead in raising awareness of the PS9 chess program, growing the program and the PS9 chess team, disseminating tournament opportunities, and working with the PA to organize the PS9 chess tournaments.

The committee needs volunteers for the chess tournaments (in the fall and spring). We also need chess champions in each class to raise awareness on the chess program, recruit kids on the chess team, and disseminate information on chess tournaments.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email


  • March 2017: Congratulations to The Knights of 9, the PS 9 chess team!
  • March 2017: Congratulations to the PS9 chess team on finishing 15th out of 35 in the under 600 group at the NYC Scholastic Chess Tournament. The tournament included public and private schools from across the city.
  • January 2017: PS 9 Chess Team wins 1st Place at the 2017 Right Move Tournament
  • November 2017: Congratulations to the Knights of 9, the PS9 Chess Team, for participating at November’s Right Move Tournament and for their hard work. The team did an amazing job and won medals and trophies in all sections.
  • In the Grades 2-3, Unrated section

    • The PS9 team won 3rd place.
    • A team member came 2nd with a perfect score of 4 points and won a trophy.
    • A team member scored 2.5 points and won a medal.

    In the U400 section

    • A team member came 3rd with 3 points and won a trophy.

    In the U1000 section

    • A team member came 3rd with 3.5 points and won a trophy.

    Special thanks to coach Miguel Garcia who supported the kids and analyzed their games!

  • December 2017: Congratulations to the Knights of 9 team for winning the unrated section first place trophy at the December Right Move Tournament! Their hard work paid off!
  • January 2018: PS9 Chess Teams success

    Congratulations to the six Knights of 9 team members who participated in the New York City Tournament and successfully played 5 chess games in one day! The Primary under 1000 team finished 11th out of 24 teams, which is very impressive considering the strong competition from nationally ranked public and private school teams from New York and New Jersey! We also had kids competing in the under 600 and under 1300 sections.