PS 9 Handbook

Welcome PS 9 Families:

The purpose of the PS9 handbook and the PS9 Kindergarten handbook, is to provide a ready reference to the policies and procedures for your family as you join the PS 9 community. “Every child in PS 9 will succeed” is our school motto — created, maintained and implemented by our diverse team of teachers, staff, administration, specialists and parents working together. We are committed to academic excellence and the fostering of a collaborative community of lifelong learners. Our goal is to enable PS 9 to provide an atmosphere of safety and warmth in which each individual child is encouraged and nurtured to grow.

We invite you to use the information and resources in the following pages as your guide to become familiar with the policies, programs and procedures of the school. Your child’s classroom teacher is the primary link between school and home should any questions or concerns come up, yet there are numerous other people on staff who can support you and your child whenever possible. We place a high value on strong home and school communication.

In addition to this handbook, you will be receiving an information booklet from the yearly elected Executive Board of the PA with an updated list of events, committees and schedules each new school year. All families are encouraged to take advantage of the many valuable experiences that PS 9 has to offer by being an active participant within the school. Whether you have a little time or a lot, every minute you share getting involved is extremely appreciated and will only enhance our school’s community spirit.

Many of our PS 9 children and adults form friendships and bonds with each other that may be strong for years to come. As parents are the first teachers, we continue to encourage you to remain an active, supportive participant in your child’s development. PS 9 is the beginning of their educational journey and we are pleased to be a part of it.

I wish you all a very successful and happy year.


Kate Witzke, Principal

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