School Leadership Team

School Leadership Teams (SLTs) are school-based organizations composed of an equal number of parents and staff. We meet at least once a month, and determine the structure for school-based planning and shared decision-making. We have three mandatory members: the school principal, the PA president (or designated co-president) and the UFT chapter leader. The remaining members are made up of an equal number of parents and staff.

The core responsibility of each SLT is to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget and to serve as an advisory to the principal. SLTs are strongly encouraged to solicit input from various school community constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students. Functioning in a collaborative manner, we also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement. As an SLT we receive support and guidance as needed from their District Leadership Teams.

SLT—Parent Representatives

  • Ishwara Glassman Chrein (2nd year)
  • Mia Pavlov (2nd year)
  • Jennifer Topper (2nd year)
  • Capron Levine
  • Jennifer Plaxe
  • Yadira Brenes (PA Co-President, PA Board representative)

SLT—Faculty Representatives

  • Ms. Kate (Principal)
  • Ms. Masters (UFT Representative)
  • Ms. Fiore (1st grade teacher)
  • Ms. Morgan (3rd grade teacher)
  • Ms. Tracey (3rd grade teacher)
  • Ms. Vignogna (3rd grade teacher)

Left to right: Ms. Masters, Dimitra Kousantoni, Joel Shirasu-Hiza, Lindsay Starr, Mia Pavlov—standing,
Jennifer Topper, Ms. Tracey, Ms. Vignogna, Ms. Morgan—sitting

I have a question regarding PS 9’s SLT and/or something I would like the SLT to consider. How do I communicate with the SLT?

Please feel free to communicate with PS 9’s SLT via the email address