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Check our Community Partners page for ongoing updates from Scot Steinberg.

Fairway Community Partners

Sign up now to receive your Fairway Community Partners card. Use your card each time you shop at Fairway and PS9 will receive 3% back from Fairway. Stay tuned for special Double Days for PS9. Shop then with your card and 6% of your purchase will be donated to PS9!

A Little Goes a Long Way

You know, there may be things you already do that can help raise money for PS 9. Do you ever shop at West Side Kids? Or or Target? Do you fill prescriptions? Have a look at the ways you can earn money for PS 9 without spending any additional funds yourself.

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Seminar on Supporting Writing in the Early Grades: Thurs, April 2nd, 8:45-10am

Attention Parents with Children in Grades 1 & 2: Writing From the Start teaches participants about the central role literature plays in a young writer’s development and provides activities for home that encourage students to write. Sponsored by the Learning Leaders program. Meet in the PS9 Library.

Learning Leaders


End of Year Approaches: Think Yearbook :)

Information about ordering a yearbook, purchasing a yearbook ad for your child, and submitting photos for publication in the yearbook can be found in the Yearbook section.


Questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Auction Art Projects

Truly spectacular class art projects were a highlight of this year's auction!

Auction Art Project

View class auction art projects


The PS9 Composting Challenge: now through June 2015

As a country we are generally not aware of the volume of food we waste. Composting is a great way to take responsibility for potential waste by creating valuable soil nutrients from what would otherwise go into the garbage and then to landfill. The PS9 Composting Challenge, running from now through June, will make us all more aware of and responsible for our food waste.


What is the challenge? Look for details in your child's red folder or read here:



Math at Home, School and in the Community

"The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics consist of two parts--the Mathematical Practices and the Mathematical Content standards. Often the Math Practices are simply overlooked in order to get to the 'meat and potatoes' of your child’s grade level expectations. But Math is not just about content. The way you think about Mathematics is key to deeper understandings being built and developed...." Read more about this and ways to support your children in math at home in Liz Irwin's Fall Family Math Newsletter.


Dr. Liz Irwin, educational development consultant, spoke at the November PA meeting about the math learning mindset. Here are her presentation slides.  Also view the video she referenced on math and brain plasticity. Fascinating and enlightening. Thank you!!


Also discussed at the November meeting were the recent School Quality Snapshot results for PS9.