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You know, there may be things you already do that can help raise money for PS 9. Do you ever shop at West Side Kids? Or or Target? Do you fill prescriptions? Have a look at the ways you can earn money for PS 9 without spending any additional funds yourself.

Scot Steinberg announces new community partners Book Culture and Coach Marjeta, plus a December deal with Gate Hill. Read about it on our Community Partnerships page.

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Shopping Event at dot Will Support PS9: Mon, Dec 15 and Tues, Dec 16

Dot and PS9


PA Meeting: Friday, Dec 19th, 8:45am

Don't miss this Friday's PA meeting. Ms. Warren will tell us about PS9's Phys Ed program! Also hear updates from Principal Brady and our Fundraising Committees!


Important Meeting about High School Choice in District 3: Wed, Dec 17th, 6:30pm

  • For those of you who just made it through the middle school choice process or will in the near future, this process is the training ground for the BIG one - high school choice, which is a far more challenging and complicated undertaking, especially in our district with far few options than other districts (see draft resolution). While weighing in regarding highly selective high schools admissions may require a trip to City Hall or Albany, the Community Education Council 3 is meeting this Wednesday, December 17 at 6:30 at PS166 on West 87th Street to review and vote on the resolution to greatly improve the options available to our children regarding high school admissions.

  • The resolution is a first step to recognizing that there is a significant concern across the entire council. The second step may be increasing our access to good schools in other nearby districts or working with the DOE and our district to improve district opportunities inside the district as well as other new ideas not yet on the table.

  • You may have heard this discussion at PA meetings and Board meetings. Make your voice heard and come on Wednesday, to PS166 at 6:30pm. It took several years to bring a new middle school around. These changes happen with a thousand small voices, one being yours!

View Draft Resolution


Pennies for Patients: now through Tuesday, Dec 23rd

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Youth Programs


The Leukemia / Lymphoma Society (LLS) and its New York Chapter have made significant advancements in treatments to cure leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The survival rate for childhood leukemia was 0% in 1949 and today it is over 88%. In addition, advances in medical research continue to help improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Though significant progress has been made, reality indicates that more needs to be done.


The Pennies for Patients Program is a three week-long service learning program in which kids collect spare change and pennies to help those afflicted with blood cancers. PS 9 will continue its involvement on this meaningful journey; one that will offer students the powerful feeling that can be derived from helping others.


All classes of grades Pre-K – 5 will participate in collecting pennies and change for this program. Every student will bring home a Pennies for Patients parent letter describing the organization and the amazing work they do, as well as, a small box to bring donations back to their classrooms. This box can be used as many times as necessary.


Please talk with your child about the importance of giving without expecting anything in return -- remind them that helping others less fortunate than ourselves is a noble cause. Please start sending saved pennies and spare change you may have around the house. Thank you for your participation. Without your help, this program would not be possible.


Read full letter.


The PS9 Composting Challenge: now through June 2015

As a country we are generally not aware of the volume of food we waste. Composting is a great way to take responsibility for potential waste by creating valuable soil nutrients from what would otherwise go into the garbage and then to landfill. The PS9 Composting Challenge, running from now through June, will make us all more aware of and responsible for our food waste.


What is the challenge? Look for details in your child's red folder or read here:



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