Volunteer Opportunities

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Auction – P9 Annual Auction raises about 45% of the PA’s budget. Besides being a crucial PS 9 fundraising effort, it is an amazingly fun event. Parents support Auction in three main ways: (1) Secure and bring in donations, (2) Come to the event (dine, mingle, bid!) on March 18, 2017, and (3) Become part of the Auction Team or volunteer for some specific task. Donation collection is from September to February, event planning is the same, crunch time is March. Chairs: Maria Garutti (K, 2nd, and 3rd grade) and Xiao-Xiao Wong (4th grade) auction@ps9parents.org and Lauren Wolfson (1st grade) and Jen Wolinetz (2nd grade) auctiondonations@ps9parents.org


Count Me In is PS 9’s annual fund drive responsible for raising over 50% of the PA’s budget. We need people with fundraising and/or marketing experience and access to copy making/printing facilities to help with our campaign and outreach. October to December are the major focus times, with a peak before the Thanksgiving break (when we have the annual PS 9 Giving Week). Contact: Deborah Berkman (2nd grade) and Dimitra Koutsantoni (2nd grade), Co-Chairs. cmi@ps9parents.org or matchinggifts@ps9parents.org


Halloween Hop & Harvest is the first major event of the school year, (October 22, 2016, 11am-4pm) and it is wildly popular among the kids, giving them a healthy, safe, and fun environment to dress up (kids and parents too), play games, enjoy rides, make crafts, and celebrate Halloween with their new PS 9 community. It is a terrific fundraising event that is open to all and community members are encouraged to invite their friends and family. The committee meets once or twice in June the previous school year and then weekly at the start of the school until the event. Contact: Additional Chair is needed. Xiao-Xiao Wong (4th grade) and the Wellness Committee, Chairs: Tracy Gary (3rd grade), Jennifer Richey (1st and 3rd grade), and Antoinette Muti (4th grade) halloweenhop@ps9parents.org


Spring Fair – Similar to the Halloween Hop in spirit is the Spring Fair (May 20, 2017, 11am-4pm). Volunteers are needed to help plan and coordinate this fabulous community fair, which is all about science, movement and our fabulous garden. Join up to help with the many activities, assigning parents to staff each activity and work the cafe, help solicit donations, set up the night before and morning of, clean up, etc. Captains commit to 10-15 hours prior to the event. Chairs commit to 20 plus hours. Crunch times are February and after auction, end of April to May. Yadira Jimenez (4th grade) Additional chair is needed. springfair@ps9parents.org


Art Night – We are fortunate to have an incredible art program led by art teachers Miss Melissa and Miss Deb, which we proudly showcase each year on Art Night (June 7, 2017). Art projects from all of the grades will be on display throughout the school. Art Night is also an interactive experience that gives our children an opportunity to create 6 sculptures, which are then prominently displayed outside the school all year. Volunteers are needed to help plan and execute the sculptures as well as usher families through the “galleries.” At the end of May, volunteers need to meet with parents manning the project stations to go over how to execute each project. Also mechanically minded parents are needed to help with mounting sculptures. Contact: Alissa Schamber (1st and 5th grade) and Capron Levine (1st grade) artnight@ps9parents.org


Book Fair – The week-long Book Fair is held in the Spring (March 6-10, 2017) with a follow-up booth at the Spring Fair. It’s a fun event where every class visits during school hours, children visit with their families, and it’s a great way to get books into classrooms through the teacher wish-bins. Volunteers are needed throughout the week of the main event. Chairs choose books to be sold. Chairing requires someone to be there at all times, which is why co-chairs are recommended. Time Commitments are manageable but ramps up mid-February to the week of the book fair. Co Chairs: Lauren Bach (K and 2nd grade), Rossana Ciavardini (1st grade) and Bia Takata (1st and 3rd grade) bookfair@ps9parents.org


Groovy Night – Started in 2012 by the Wellness Committee, (January 27, 2017, 6:00 pm) Groovy Night is a non-stop, fun and physical event where kids can love their bodies a dozen different ways. Good for younger siblings as well, Groovy Night offers dancing, yoga, Gaga ball, basketball, limbo, boot camp, hula hooping, stretching and plenty of vendors offering healthy tips and treats. Groove the night away and purchase your nutritious and delicious dinner at the Groovy Night Café! All proceeds for the PS9. Also come make a surprise Valentine for your teachers!! Co- Chairs: Tracy Gary (3rd grade), Jennifer Richey (1st and 3rd grade), and Antoinette Muti (4th grade) groovynight@ps9parents.org


Movie Night – For 2 nights of the year (September 23, 2016 and April 28, 2017) we turn the school into a movie theatre! It’s a fun night for the entire family – students get to kick back and watch a movie with their friends and family – with food and goodies available for sale, it’s always a crowd pleaser! Food donations & volunteer helpers are most welcome! Busiest time is the 3-4 weeks beforehand – preparing posters, rallying volunteers, preparing publicity blasts. Then again the last few days and day of the movie night to get people to volunteer to bring food in. Contact: Claudia Bachteler (K and 3rd grade) Additional chair is needed. movienight@ps9parents.org




Chess – Chess improves our kids’ concentration, memory, creativity, problem-solving skills, and even their IQ! Coaches Mr. Marquez and Mr. Garcia provide instruction to grades K-2 during school hours and then to grades 1-5 through Re-Create’s afterschool program. The chess committee aims to create a PS9 chess team, disseminate information on local, statewide, and national chess tournaments, organize chess tournaments at PS9, and keep the chess program a vital component of PS 9’s enrichments. We aim to organize two tournaments at PS 9, one in the fall and one in the spring, co-hosted by Re-Create and the PS 9 PA. Volunteers are needed to help organize a PS9 chess team, research and publicize upcoming tournaments, and help organize the tournaments at PS9. Crunch time: the week prior to a tournament, especially the day before and day of the tournament. Contact co-chairs Clay Kindred (2nd grade) and Dimitra Koutsantoni (2nd grade) at chess@ps9parents.org


Communications Committee – From our fabulous weekly Sunday night email updates to directory updates, volunteers are needed to help keep the PS9 community informed on a constant basis. And to help with the website, PS9.org, volunteers are needed there as well to help keep it fresh, current and informative. Class mailing lists, committee mailing lists, and directories are maintained by the Communications Committee as well. Chairs: Sandi Dubin (2nd grade) and Ariel Devine (1st and 4th grade) communications@ps9parents.org


External Affairs Committee – If being connected to the DOE, CEC, CB7, elected, president’s council, and other community forums involved with the education of our children is of interest to you, please join this important committee – it involves attending meetings (held morning and/or evenings) in the community. Contact: Ira Mitchneck (K and 2nd grade) externalaffairs@ps9parents.org


Garden Team – The Columbus Avenue Garden is beautiful because of the parents and kids that help make it beautiful (and come and visit). Please join us in continuing to keep the garden green and growing. From spring planting to head gardener for a week, this is an opportunity for our city kids to get their hands in the soil and spray a hose. Minimal time commitment and no green thumb required. A day of planting and 1 week in summer as head gardener. Need Summer volunteers. Contact: Tara Fray (2nd grade) garden@ps9parents.org


2017 Graduation Committee Needs: 5th AND 4th grade parents to help make your child’s graduation as memorable as possible. Join us in the fun of planning the graduation ceremony and the graduation party. We need lots of volunteers and sub-committee co-chairs to manage the many facets of graduation. 4th grade parents are needed to chaperone the party and learn the ropes for when it is your turn! Contact: Lili Schwimmer (5th grade) and Pam Hacker (5th grade) graduation@ps9parents.org


Grants Committee – The grants committee researches and applies for grants to help fund school programs and activities including Chess, Art, Spanish, music, and the library. We reach out to foundations and corporations. Volunteers are needed to research grant opportunities or help write the grant proposals. No prior experience is necessary, flexible timing, crunch time before Grants deadlines. Chair: Sara Meyer-Davis (4th grade) and Carolina Luttmann (5th grade). grants@ps9parents.org


Green Team Committee – From composting to recycling at school events, our Green Team helps identify and implement programs to keep the PS 9 community mindful of the environment. Our 9REEN and 9ARDEN committees often work together, and are the co-sponsors of our annual Spring Fair green and art project. Chairs: Greg Karnilaw (5th grade) and Tara Maurice (5th grade) green@ps9parents.org


Hospitality Committee – Volunteers are needed with helping setting up for school events (such as PA meetings) and cleaning up afterwards. In December we change the Library into a Winter wonderland to host our Staff Appreciation Breakfast (Chair—Karin Farrell—2nd grade), in February, we change the office into a beating heart to express our gratitude to our staff (Chair—Tara Snow Hanson—1st grade), in May, we give a collective gift to our teachers on Teacher Appreciation day. Contact: Beth Stanek (5th grade) hospitality@ps9parents.org


Merchandise Committee – Help design, create, execute, and sell PS 9 merchandise. Duties include: choosing and working with a vendor, deciding what type of PS 9 merchandise to sell, marketing the materials to the school body, collecting payment, distributing merchandise. Time Commitment: Sell merchandise at Halloween Hop and Spring Fair. There is also an opportunity to sell items at Movie Nights. Main time commitment are at the two main camping times—at late fall and early spring. James Jarnot (3rd grade) and Lisa Friedman (1st grade). merchandise@ps9parents.org


Spanish Committee — PS 9 has an integrated Spanish Program that started in 2003. The goal of the Spanish program is to expose students K-5 to the Spanish language using content area as the basis of instruction. This program is an enrichment program funded by the parents of PS 9. The Chair and committee are responsible for occasional meetings with Administration, working with Grants committee on fundraising for Spanish program and implementing a Program evaluation every 3 years (next one is in the 2017-18 school year). Also the committee is responsible for organizing the Spanish translation team of volunteers. The time commitment is limited and the only crunch times are during grant writing and evaluation time. Chair: Alison Gardy (2nd grade); with urgent request for two more co-chairs. spanish@ps9parents.org


Wellness Committee — The PS 9 Wellness Committee attempts to bring health, nutrition, and fitness related opportunities to our children and the PS 9 community. In the past, the committee has implemented nutrition and cooking classes, in-class movement grants, an upgraded lunch menu, Wednesday salad bar, after school running program and Wellness in the Well at various school-wide events. The Committee exposes the PS 9 community to a wide array of exercise modalities, an immensely popular dance floor and local health-promoting organizations through Groovy Night ones well as other events throughout the year. If you’re interested in promoting a healthy and balanced environment for your children at school, please join us. Be available to attend the monthly morning meetings and commit to 10-20 hrs of work in January in preparation for Groovy Night. Activities include soliciting food, coordinating volunteers and volunteering the night of the event. We are also open to any other initiatives you can introduce and manage. Chairs: Tracy Gary (3rd grade), Jennifer Richey (1st and 3rd grade), and Antoinette Muti (4th grade) wellness@ps9parents.org


Yearbook Committee – Parent volunteers produce the PS 9 Yearbook. As you can imagine, we need a lot of help. The Yearbook committee welcomes creative and non-creative types. We are in special need of people with younger children who will be staying at PS 9 for several years to join our team so that we can continue to produce the yearbook for years to come. You can get involved in two ways—be a Photographer and submit photos for yearbook and/or be a Page Editor if you would like to join the yearbook team to design. You don’t have to have a big fancy camera to be a Yearbook Photographer or a computer wiz to be a Page Editor. Any modern camera, including an iPhone, will work. General time commitment is 8-15 hours. Crunch times between April and May. Chair: David Miller (2nd grade) and Christie Hook (5th grade) yearbook@ps9parents.org




Learning Leaders – You can volunteer in the school as a Learning Leader; at PS 9, parent Learning Leaders staff the library, work in the Reading Resource Room, work with the upper grade Art Teacher and students, read to students on a one to one basis, cut and install tennis balls on the bottom of all the classroom chairs to provide quieter classrooms … and more. You can volunteer for a regular weekly assignment or on an ad hoc basis, as available. Training is mandatory for new volunteers and will be held at PS 9 in the fall. It’s a wonderful way to get to know other parents, students, and actively support the PS 9 community. Contact: Yia Hang (2nd grade) learningleaders@ps9parents.org


Library — Library is staffed every day by Learning Leaders (our part-time librarian is there only for two days a week) and is a pretty significant undertaking involving nearly 30 volunteers, year-round. Only certified Learning Leaders can work in the Library, and must undergo a one-hour additional training with the librarian before they can begin. Chairs: Lauren Bach (K and 2nd grade), Zainab Latif (3rd and 5th grade), and Bia Takata (1st and 3rd grade) library@ps9parents.org


Duplication/Making Copies – The PA is trying to reduce the budget by utilizing office copying capacity. If you have access to copiers, we have things to copy! Usually before main events, copies are required so we can send flyers home in the red folder (please specify if you can make color copies). Contact: duplication@ps9parents.org


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